We build safely

The key objective of MCKB's health and safety at work policy is to protect the health and safety of our employees as well as the prevention of material damage. We achieve these aims by the constant improvement of safe and hygienic working conditions and by raising staff awareness of  health and safety at work.


Our essential objective is achieved by:

  • eliminating or minimising dangers to people's health and safety, and to the environment, by implementing work-place safety procedures. We use modern techniques and tools and offer our clients services based on modern technologies and materials.
  • Systematic identification and evaluation of occupational dangers and hazards; undertaking action to reduce the risk of industrial accidents.
  • Raising awareness through staff and supplier training to eliminate the risk of danger to workers and property.
  • Promoting health and safety at work policy within the company and to our clients, sub-contractors and suppliers.

MCKB 's board provides the necessary financial resources and measures to implement its health and safety and work policy, and  obliges the management and staff to carry out this policy and its aims adequately.

The implemented Integrated Management System is in line with OHSAS 18 001 in the area of health and safety at work. The certificate issued by DEKRA Certification Sp. z o. o. is a confirmation of compliance with its requirements.