Green building

Our aim is to create better conditions of life and work in a friendly environment.
Sustainable development and an environmentally friendly building are becoming priorities to investors. The availability and functionality of buildings equipped with intelligent management systems, as well as clean, green surroundings, improve the value of an investment, lower maintenance costs and increase its prestige.
New technologies help create environmentally-friendly and people-friendly buildings. They make it possible to save energy and natural resources. They decrease the amount of waste and pollution created during the construction process - as well as in the production and transport of building materials.
LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) certification systems evaluate the influence of the buildings on the natural environment. All aspects of the project are taken into consideration: materials, construction, location, construction management and operation, water and waste management, air pollution reduction and the quality of air in the building, the health, safety and comfort of the users of the building, innovative design and the influence of selected architectural and technological solutions on the natural environment.
As general contractor, we undertake to carry out sustainable investments by adjusting the construction site organisation as well as the technologies used in the construction works to meet the high requirements of LEED and BREAM certification systems. We take account of environmental considerations in every aspect of carrying out  a construction investment.