General contracting

Our goal is to fulfil clients’ expectations at each stage of the investment. Adjusting the construction process, along with the stages of start-up and facility operation, often during active production, and meeting the individual requirements of our clients is a frequent challenge for us.
We achieve this by fully supervised construction management, offering alternative design solutions and optimising such factors as costs, schedule and quality. As a professional general contractor, we take full responsibility for the proper course of the construction process, ensuring a 24-hour-a-day, fully accesible service; we train the investors’ staff who are to be responsible for the operation of the facility. We also offer servicing and facility management during the project's operational phase. Our goal is to fulfil clients’ expectations through efficient team management and by optimising costs, schedule and quality.


In any investment process  where we are the general contractor, we ensure:

  • the investment is carried out in compliance with our clients’ expectations  – on time and within budget
  • proper analysis of project documentation, seeking  optimal alternative solutions where possible while maintaining the highest quality
  • the management and coordination of the construction process by an experienced  team
  • full management of reliable sub-contractors and suppliers
  • ongoing, transparent communication with the client; we monitor and report construction work progress; we update the schedule, and communicate to client the methods and quality of the work performed
  • prediction and elimination of potential risks in the construction process through careful planning and constant control of work safety
  • completion of the investment in accordance with the contract; we offer our clients the possibility to introduce changes in a flexible way
  • completion of the investment in an environmentally- and user-friendly way
  • complex preparation of the investment for the client's final acceptance and use as well as support in opening and start-up