BIM technology

Bearing in mind the increasingly stringent requirements aimed at the construction sector, we use BIM (Building Information Modelling) - a method for modelling information about a building. BIM technology enhances the way a project is carried out, starting with the design, through schedules and cost assessments, right through to the construction and management of a building. It allows the whole team involved in the project to provide, group, and process  all the necessary information about the building, its costs and schedules. It increases efficiency and improves the organisation of the designers’ work. It also ensures the highest quality documentation.  

BIM technology offers the following advantages:

  • Thanks to the visualisation and the possibility of entering the building virtually, it offers constant access to full, current information about each element of the building: floor space, capacity, equipment, materials used and construction costs.
  • It simplifies the design process thanks to the possibility to test many options and schemes in a virtual world, allowing the client to choose the optimum solution according to economic criteria.
  • It facilitates project decision-making, it helps in assessing investment costs, developing construction documentation and ultimately managing the building by using dynamic information which includes installation control and building maintenance.
  • It offers the possibility to present the buildings, their management systems and equipment on a proper scale and using any structural forms.
  • It allows you to design energy-saving, functional, environmentally-friendly and people-friendly buildings.