• MCKB recognized in the Build Safely contest 


Our company took the second place in this year’s edition of the Build Safely contest, organized by the National Labour Inspectorate (PIP). The jury appreciated the highest OHS standards at the construction site of 3M’s production facility in Wrocław, an investment carried out by MCKB.

It is the third award for our company granted by PIP, which had previously appreciated the implementation of the highest OHS standards during the execution of the projects for Procter & Gamble in Aleksandrów Łódzki and SEGRO in Łódź.

Build Safely is an initiative aimed at disseminating safe and hygienic conditions at building sites by honouring general contractors that provide their employees with workplaces that are not hazardous to the life or health of anyone working there. Consequently the award scheme also contributes to a general improvement of safety standards on construction sites nationwide.


  • BCC Diamond for MCKB



On the 23rd of January 2016 during the ‘Polish Business Leaders Gala’ in Warsaw’s Grand Opera Theatre, MCKB President of the Board, Piotr Grabowicz, collected a Diamond to the Golden Statuette of Polish Business Leader award.

The award is given by Business Centre Club to companies which, in the period since receiving the Golden Statuette, have maintained or improved their market position by receiving the best economic results and contributing to the country’s national growth.


  • MCKB awarded the Ambassador of Polish Economy


On the 23rd of September 2015 the finale of Ambassador of Polish Economy competition, organized by BCC, took a place. MCKB received the title of the Ambassador of Polish Economy in the Partner of International Companies category.

The competition is a nationwide, non-commercial project. Its mission is to highlight and promote companies that are achieving success on international markets, promoting high economic and financial standards as well as good practice in international business.


  • MCKB as the National Champion at the European Business Awards.

 national champion

On the 1st of September 2015 MCKB was announced a National Champion at the European Business Awards competition and is through, among 28 other Polish companies, to the next stage.

Past winners from a diverse range of industries including cosmetics, pharmaceutical, engineering, fashion, online businesses, manufacturing and transport, were congratulated by an audience comprising heads of state, leading industrialists, entrepreneurs, business leaders, media owners and academics from across 33 European nations.


  • MCKB - Award winner at the 2014 Polish Business Leader Awards 



The ‘Polish Business Leaders Gala’ was held on January 24th 2015 in Warsaw’s Grand Opera Theatre. At the ceremony a range of high profile prestigious awards - Diamonds, Golden Statuettes and Nominations were presented to companies for excellence, outstanding achievement and high quality products and services. Piotr Grabowicz, President of MCKB, received the Golden Statuette for Outstanding Polish Business Leadership.

MCKB reached the final round of the award competition, a prestigious group of 12 winners which not only aspire to be true business leaders, but also apply the highest standards of business ethics and corporate social responsibility in their day to day business activity.


  • Piotr Grabowicz - Manager of the Year 2014 



On 22 January, 2015 the Closing Gala of the 7th edition of the “Manager of the Year – Łódź Region 2014” plebiscite took place in Łódź. Piotr Grabowicz, President of MCKB, received the Manager of the Year 2014 statuette in the SME category.
While making final decisions concerning the candidates, the jury considered not only effectiveness in company management that had translated into rapid growth and strong financial results in the previous year, but also interpersonal aspect - recognition among representatives of the industry and the business environment.

Ethical behaviour, business carried out according to legal regulations and rules of fair competition, sensibility to social issues expressed through corporate social responsibility implemented in everyday work, charity, and support for local communities and initiatives were all seen as crucial.

The Manager of the Year 2014 statuette is a proof that we head the right direction. It confirms that everything what we do brings tangible results - said Mr Piotr Grabowicz, President of MCKB.- Thank you to those who voted for me; I am glad that our activities and initiatives were honoured with such a prestigious award.


  • MCKB - recognised in the Build Safely contest

State Labour Inspectorate

Our company took the third place in this year’s edition of the Build Safely contest, organised by Poland's national labour inspectorate, PIP. The jury appreciated the conditions at the building site of SEGRO Business Park Łódź, an investment carried out by MCKB.The jury’s decision was based on a series of checks carried out at MCKB’s building site. The assessment looked at the organisation and safety of work during the construction of a production and storage facility for SEGRO. It is the second award for our company granted by PIP, which had previously appreciated the construction of Procter & Gamble's factory in Aleksandrów Łódzki.


  • MCKB - wins a TopBuilder 2014 award 

TopBuilder 2014

The programme committee and the editorial office of the monthly magazine Builder distinguished  MCKB for its complex refurbishment of the Grohman Factory at Ksiezy Mlyn in Lodz. The contest aims to select and promote innovative and high-quality materials, technological and construction solutions, equipment and fittings as well as modern buildings, IT and financial products, and other projects, initiatives and services for the construction sector.


  • MCKB - 2013 Construction Company of the Year Award 

Budowlana Firma Roku 2013


MCKB received the title of Construction Company of the Year 2013 in the general contractor category, in a competition organised by prestigious monthly magazine Builder. 


  • MCKB - the grand prix in the prestigious Forbes Diamonds 2014

Diamenty Forbesa 2014

MCKB was awarded the title of regional leader thanks to its excellent financial results. Between 2010 and 2012, the company's value grew by over 60%. The category of medium-sized firms includes companies with sales revenues between PLN 50 and 250 million. In the nationwide ranking, MCKB was placed 38th among over 2,000 companies, divided into three categories small- (PLN 5-50 million) medium- (PLN 50-250 million) and large-sized companies (over PLN 250 million). 


  • Piotr Grabowicz nominated for Manager of the Year 2013

Piotr Grabowicz, president of the management board of MCKB, was among the nominees for Lodz Region Manager of the Year 2013. The organisers of the contest that took place under the aegis of the Lodz Voividship Marshal, are Polskapresse, publisher of Dziennik Lodzki, and the Lodz Lodge of Business Centre Club.

Out of several hundred candidates, the jury contest nominated nine participants, in two categories – large firms, and SMEs. Piotr Grabowicz was among the nominees in the SME category. While making final decisions concerning the candidates, the jury considered effectiveness in company management that had translated into rapid growth and strong financial results in the previous year. Ethical behaviour, business carried out according to legal regulations and rules of fair competition, sensibility to social issues expressed through corporate social responsibility implemented in everyday work, charity, and support for local communities and initiatives were all seen as crucial.    


  • MCKB wins twice in Wings of Business 2013 Awards

Skrzydła Biznesu 2013

MCKB was among the double prize-winners of the Wings of Business awards, which for the fourth time ranks Polish companies from the SME (small and medium-size enterprise) sector. The awards were organised by the daily newspaper Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of the Economy and Ministry of Finance. MCKB took first place in the ranking as the best medium-size company in the Łódź voivodship. We were also among the 40 best Polish companies – leaders in the nationwide rankings of the Wings of Business 2013.

The Wings of Business ranking was created to reward entrepreneurs who, in times of  economic slowdown, effectively defend their market position and constantly look for new solutions that enable continuous development. Excellent financial results, rapid sales growth, reliability in relations with clients and partners – these are the features of the best micro, small and medium-size companies.


  • The Ludwik Grohman Factory awarded Grand Prix at EXPO REAL trade fair 2013

ExpoReal 2013

The general contractor that carried out the revitalisation of the historical building was MCKB.

The Grohman Factory received the Grand Prix in the category of best commercial properties completed last year. The building hosts the conference centre of the Lodz Special Economic Zone, modern office space, conference and training rooms. The EXPO REAL International Trade Fair for Property and Investment is one of Europe's largest and most prestigious real estate investment events.


  • MCKB, Ambassador of the Polish Economy 2013

Ambasador Polskiej Gospodarki

MCKB received the prestigious title Ambassador of the Polish Economy 2013 in the Partner of International Companies category. The Ambassador of the Polish Economy diploma was presented by Poland's deputy foreign affairs minister, Henryka Mościcka-Dendys, and by the CEO of Business Center Club, Marek Goliszewski. It was received by Krzysztof Gromek, vice-president of MCKB.

The Ambassador of the Polish Economy is a nationwide venture organised by Business Centre Club under the patronage of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Ambassador of the Polish Economy award scheme aims to recognise Polish entrepreneurs successful in international markets and to support positive a image of Polish business people. An important aspect of this initiative is the promotion of best business practice in international contacts as well as fostering cooperation between Polish companies and representatives of Polish institutions responsible for promotion of Polish economy and culture.

The title of Ambassador of the Polish Economy confirms that MCKB is a reliable business partner in the international arena. We operate effectively in international markets, establishing new business contacts and new commercial relations”, said Krzysztof Gromek, vice-president of the board of MCKB.


  •  European Business Awards - National Champion 2013/2014


MCKB was among the nominees and, along with 24 other firms from Poland, the Łódź-based construction company shall compete for the title of Ruban d’Honneur.

"A nomination to the finals of this international awards programme for the best European companies proves that the activity of MCKB brings measurable results. It is an exceptional accolade that motivates us to further efforts in work, development and investment in innovative projects that shall profit the company and its clients," said Piotr Grabowicz, CEO of MCKB.

The European Business Awards is a programme which has been supporting the activities and development of European companies for eight years. Each year, thousands of companies from over 30 countries enters the plebiscite – from among them only a few hundred make it to the final round and receive the title of National Champion. The aim of the initiative is to promote innovative entities that can demonstrate outstanding achievements and a high standard of business. The final round is thus entered by pioneering and socially responsible companies.

"Over the past five years, we have received an incredibly high standard of entries from organisations that are passionate about their business,” said Adrian Tripp, CEO of European Business Awards. “However, very few get the chance to fly the flag for their country and compete across Europe to be recognised as one of Europe’s finest. It really is an exceptional accolade to be picked as a National Champion."


  • European Medal 2012


MCKB Sp. z o.o. received a European Medal during in a ceremony held in the Grand Theatre of the National Opera in Warsaw on 7 November 2012.

The European Medal is a Polish initiative, now in its 23rd year, which aims to promote the high quality approach by  companies operating in the Polish market.

This year, the Business Centre Club, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels has nominated companies whose services and products meet the highest European standards for the European Medal, one of the longest-standing and most prestigious business award schemes in Poland.


  • MCKB awarded Safe Construction Site 2010 title


Our construction project carried out for Procter and Gamble in Aleksandrów Łódzki was one of only four in the Łódzkie province to be awarded the important and prestigious Safe construction 2010 award in an annual competition organised by the state labour inspectorate (Panstwowa Inspekcja Pracy,) which is intended to raise awareness of the importance of health and safety on  construction sites.

At the ceremony on 17 November 2010, there were congratulations not only to the company board, but in particular to the site manager, Marek Jagas and to the investor Procter and Gamble for their involvement in ensuring safe working conditions.

I would like to express thanks and congratulate all staff involved in the P&G project, but in particularly Marek Jagas and Józef Mądraszek, thanks to whom this award has became our common success, said Piotr Grabowicz, president of the board of MCKB.


  • MCKB – takes two awards of Construction of the Year 2009


The national construction company MCKB takes two of the top three awards for excellence in industrial and residential construction at a major national construction awards ceremony held in Warsaw, in June 2010. 

The headquarters of the Polish Federation of Engineering in Warsaw awarded the Łódź-based construction firm MCKB the prize for construction excellence and outstanding achievement for innovative building and design in both the residential and industrial categories.

The main goal of this prestigious awards contest is to select the best projects based on the highest quality and state-of-the-art architectural and utility solutions. All projects entering the contest were selected based on a number of stringent criteria: modernity, high quality, safety, working conditions, environmental friendliness, as well as the advanced organisation of the overall construction process and exemplary time of realisation.

The outstanding professionalism of MCKB Sp. z o.o. was recognised by two prestigious awards: 
- second prize awarded for excellence - the ABB Electric Motor Production facility in Aleksandrów Łódzki 
- third prize for the innovative Nautilus Apartments on ul. Okoniowa 18 in Łódź.


  • MCKB makes second place in Forbes 2010


In this year’s Forbes Diamonds awards, MC Kontrakty Budowlane won an honourable second prize in the category of companies with revenues between 50-and-250 million zlotys in the Łódzkie province.

Winning second place is a significant accomplishment for our company in comparison with our previous successes in the Forbes ranking. We do believe that constant investment in the company’s development will result in similar achievements in the future said Piotr Grabowicz, president of the board of MCKB.

The Forbes Diamonds list is compiled in cooperation with Dun & Bradstreet. The present ranking lists companies that for the last three years have increased their value with special reference to their financial results  and  potential.

MCKB took 33rd place nationwide in the above mentioned category.


  • Forbes Diamond Award


The third Forbes ranking was conducted in cooperation with Dun & Bradstreet Inc.

The list of the most dynamically developing companies in Poland was compiled on the basis of a detailed analysis of firms' financial results from the past three years and other specialised analytical tools.

MCKB was a prize-winner in the construction category.


  • BPCC Business Award 2007


At the annual British Polish Chamber of Commerce Conference, the BPCC honours some its member companies by giving awards in several categories; above all, for dynamic development and engagement in activities that benefit local communities.

MCKB won the Company of the Year 2007 award in the Business Class category.


  • Dekra Award Participant 2007


The industry-independent Dekra Award is granted every year to companies which display exemplary performance in implementing the Complex Management System.

On the basis of existing and verified analysis tools, DEKRA has developed an evaluation model specifically designed for Business Excellence analysis.

MCKB was one of the finalists of the DEKRA Award in 2007.